Who is Zac Howe

Hi, I am Zac. Here is a little bit about me:

I am a coach, teacher, entrepreneur, and lecturer. Yes, I like to do it all. I love to dream big, while staying focused on the present. I hope to revolutionize how we commonly think about human and athletic performance from a mental and physical aspect.

Howe earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees while playing basketball at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He has worked in various facets with professional sports teams, and has also spent time in the college basketball ranks as an assistant coach.


I was raised with an  insatiable hunger for learning and growth. As a four sport athlete in high school, a serious knee injury that I incurred could have devastated me. That knee injury only fueled my drive to pursue the opportunities that such setbacks provide. After some extensive recovery, I achieved my dream of receiving a full scholarship to play collegiate basketball. Knowing that anything is possible when I commit with 100% passion and purpose to my vision was a powerful and important lesson for me. Ambition for me is always in full throttle.


I like to do it all, master it all, and do everything that is exciting to me. Passion, hobby, or experience everything has a purpose. I am a guy who always wants more (knowledge). I always seek out who is the best at something and try and find the organizing principles that quantify them.

I currently reside in Oklahoma with my wife Allison and our two primal puppies Max and Marlie.